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Our Mortgage Broker Guide to getting a mortgage in South East London

The mortgage application process has 4 stages regardless of which mortgage lender you use:

    Approval/Decision in Principal (AIP/DIP)
    Mortgage in Principal (MIP)
    Mortgage Valuation
    Mortgage Offer

Read about the full mortgage process here - What is the mortgage process?

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No credit history? Take out a small loan and repay it completely

If you've no credit history, your credit score will not be excellent because you'll have no track record of paying back a loan correctly. So you might want to take out a small loan – with small repayment amounts – and pay the loan back on time.

Once you've paid back the loan successfully, this will be reflected in an uplift in your credit score.

Self-employed Mortgage

Self-employed mortgages are mortgage loans which are specifically aimed at people who are self-employed; this group traditionally has experienced challenges when applying for mortgages.

Self-employed applicants can normally access exactly the same range of mortgage products as anyone else, however their initial challenge is to prove that they have the income necessary to make the accompanying repayments. They need, for example, 2 years' worth of company accounts, SA302s or tax returns and possibly evidence of future work lined up.
Click on Self-Employed Mortgages to find out more.

All of South East London is regarded as being south of the River Thames. It extends from areas in Zone 1 on the tube (Southwark) to, for example, Orpington, on the borders of Kent.

It's a very mixed and cosmopolitan area with densely-populated inner city areas such as Peckham to comparatively sparsely populated areas further out such as Knockholt.

There are many landmarks and attractions, such as the Dome in Greenwich – Greenwich itself is full of historical buildings such as the Naval College – to Crystal Palace Park, which has elements of Victoriana such as its maze and its dinosaur park while being one of the homes of British athletics, with a functioning stadium. Dulwich has a villagey feel, whereas Woolwich has been extensively redeveloped and has many upmarket flats, while keeping some of the features of the original Royal Armoury works.

Property Price Stats for South East London

Average property price in South East London£484,296
% Change compared to last year- 1%
Population of South East London1,100,000 (2018)

The property price data is sourced from  the Land Registry's UK House Price Index and you can view up to date property prices by clicking - Land Registry House Price Index >>Land Registry

Mortgage Broker South East London - Recently Completed

  • Alscot Way, SE1 5XU
  • Walworth Road, SE1 6EE
  • Tower Mill Road, SE15 6GN
  • Waverley Road, SE18 7TL
  • Hays Court, SE16 4NF

Local High Street Banks in South East London

Mortgage Broker in and around South East London

Our South East London mortgage broker can help you with your mortgage app;lication locally or in any of the surrounding areas including Dulwich, Greenwich, Crystal Palace, Peckham, Bromley, Orpington and Woolwich.

Which banks are local to you?

  • Lloyds Bank - 364-366 Lordship Ln, Dulwich, London SE22 8NA
  • Barclays Bank - 229 High St, Orpington BR6 0JU
  • HSBC Bank - 249 High St, Orpington BR6 0NR

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South East London Mortgage Broker Insider Tips

Buying a leasehold property? Request your vendor to get their management information pack when your offer is accepted.

Your solicitor needs to examine the leasehold management information very carefully as it deals with matters like service charges and how well the freehold has been run. 

Very frequently the freeholder or managing agent may take weeks to compile and return the material which may form the basis of enquiries from your solicitor which in turn need to be answered.

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