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Top tips for a Swiss Cottage Home Buyers Survey

Swiss Cottage was largely built up in the last 200 years as Finchley Road was built and completed in 1835. With the construction of the main highway, properties were built around the Swiss Cottage through the 19th and 20th century.

With ongoing development in London Boroughs, properties range from Victorian era town houses to modern apartments. Many standard construction semi-detached and terrace homes were built in the early 20th century. London was heavily bombed during the war, which led to more development and replacement of older style properties.

With encouragement from such Government schemes as Help to Buy, New Build properties are being developed at a considerable rate. With choices ranging from apartments to detached houses there is a fair variety for people to choose from.

HomeBuyers Report Swiss Cottage
 HomeBuyers Survey Swiss Cottage
Home Buyers Survey Swiss Cottage

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A large number of the properties in Swiss Cottage date back to Victorian times with large town houses being built between 1850s to the early 1900s

With the age of the properties in the area we would always advise a Level 3 Building Survey to ensure a detailed report is carried out on the building. It is the highest visual inspection from a RICS surveyor followed by a fully comprehensive report on any defects that the property might contain.
There are a few properties in Swiss Cottage areas that have been affected by Subsidence. 

A RICS surveyor is able to identify suspicions of this particularly troublesome property defect and will always suggest a follow up inspection from a Structural Engineer to provide the best course of action. 

If you are concerned that a property you are looking to buy has been affected by Subsidence, you might also consider getting a ground stability report.
If you are in the market for a new build, Swiss Cottage has a range of apartments and houses for your choosing. However new homes sometimes aren't 'finished' properly. For example, tiles in bathrooms are often insufficiently sealed and kitchen unit doors might not shut properly.

A RICS surveyor can conduct a snagging survey, inspecting the property to ensure the highest build quality, from the painting on the walls to the locks and handles on the doors.

With a report that can be submitted to the developers you are better able to request that they rectify any issues overlooked.

LondonGreater London is an area which contains London, the capital of the United Kingdom (which itself centres on the Cities of London and Westminster) and a number of surrounding boroughs which are administered as London boroughs and which are the overall executive responsibility of the Mayor of London. It contains a large number of constituencies, each represented by an MP and it should be noted that these are not the same as nor even always continguous with the borders of the boroughs.

Many parts of Greater London were originally administered by the counties which surround London and these counties are often called the home counties. Enfield, for example, used to be classed as being part of Middlesex, but is now near the northern border of Greater London. Greater London's borders often coincide with a zone of 'green belt': areas where it has been decided that open spaces, parks, forests and wildlife reserves should act as a buffer against urban sprawl. London has numerous landmarks, anything from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to Karl Marx's grave in Highgate Cemetery.

Greater London contains more than 9 million inhabitants, a number growing daily, and as this is approximately 1/7 of the population of the UK, it can be seen that Greater Londoners have a large influence on the rest of the country politically and this is enhanced by the concentration of skilled workers gravitating towards the capital.

Listed Building Survey Swiss Cottage

We have local RICS Listed Building Surveyors who specialise in listed building surveys in Swiss Cottage. To find out more go to - Listed Building Surveys - Building Surveyor and Survey Cost in Swiss Cottage

Building Survey Swiss Cottage Planning

You can review what planning applications have been granted or denied for properties in your area by contacting London Borough of Camden Council at Contact Camden Reception 5 Pancras Square London N1C 4AG, telephone 0207 974 4444, or you can check the local authority website.

Read the following article if you are thinking about building an extension .

Local Building Survey Swiss Cottage

Our Building Surveyors specialise in the local area and have completed house surveys in Hampstead, St John's Wood, Primrose Hill, Maida Vale, Kilburn, Willesden and Belsize Park.

We employ only expert RICS Building Surveyors to undertake Home Buyers Surveys in Swiss Cottage. Whether you are buying an old run down 'doer upper' or standard construction freehold house, our RICS surveyors have seen them all.

With a vast number of years of experience completing building surveys on properties in Swiss Cottage we'll be able to give you the detailed Swiss Cottage HomeBuyers report that you will need to know and what defects there are with your property.

Home Buyers Survey Swiss Cottage

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Home Buyers Survey Swiss Cottage

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Our Building Surveyor uses their local knowledge of Swiss Cottage to ensure they deliver a detailed homebuyers report to help you decide whether you should move forward with your home move or if you should pull out.

Home Buyers Survey Swiss Cottage

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We normally have availability within days of you booking and our turnaround for homebuyers survey reports is within 5 working days.

Swiss Cottage HomeBuyers Survey

Panel of RICS Surveyors

Ranging from 10 to 40 years all of our chartered RICS Surveyors are registered with and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and have indemnity insurance that covers all of the work they undertake in a Home Buyers Survey in Swiss Cottage.

Home Buyers Survey - What does it cover?

A RICS Home Buyers Survey non-intrusively inspects both the external and internal structure of a property for matters which include these, among others; damp, subsidence, infestations, cracks and damage.

Whichever you opt for out of a Building Survey (which used to be known as a Full Structural Survey) or a HomeBuyers Report, they are both excellent for peace of mind if you are considering buying a property in Swiss Cottage.

NB If you're a first time buyer, you might wish to click on What is a House Survey to find out more, including what happens during the inspection.

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If you are concerned about any defects with any property you are looking at buying in Swiss Cottage, you MUST get a Home Buyers Survey as the costs of repairing the defects can run into thousands of pounds. 

You can find a local RICS surveyor by using the search at the bottom RHS of this page.
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Is a Mortgage valuation a defect survey?

People, particularly first time buyers, have been known to confuse a mortgage valuation with a HomeBuyers Survey.

This confusion can prove costly and end up in a home buyer having to spend money on expensive repair costs which should have been divided up with the seller with this reflected in a reduction in the original sale price.

Your lender conducts its own mortgage valuation to calculate the value of the property you are trying to buy in Swiss Cottage and this is in no sense a report on structural defects.

A HomeBuyers Survey notes defects as well as including a full valuation of a property independently of the mortgage lender or anyone else.

The information in it can be used to get quotes for the cost of fixing any issues and presents evidence for bargaining with the seller about sharing repair costs, if appropriate, or even deciding not to go ahead with buying a property.

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Mortgage Valuation is different to Homebuyers Survey, from SAM Conveyancers