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Corby was designated as a new town in 1950. Most of the housing in the town has been built since this date although officially the first new street completed was Bessemer Grove, completed some 16 years earlier.

Having begun construction of their plant nearby to the area, Stewarts and Lloyds were faced with the problem of housing their required new workforce, an expected 1650 people, a figure which would swell to some 4000-5000, many of whom had migrated from Scotland with the company. With no provision in the financial plan produced by the company in 1932 for the construction of workers accommodation, assistance was sought from both the Ministry of Health and Northamptonshire County Council.

However, by the end of 1932 all of the Government schemes, many curtailed by economic depression, had ceased or were coming to an end. Funded by a 90% loan from the Halifax building society on a figure of £306,405, Stewarts and Lloyds made an arrangement with the Ministry of Health and the Northamptonshire County Council for guarantees over 800 houses to be built by Browning Brothers of Leicester.

Bessemer Grove was the street in which were built the first of these houses, completed in the summer of 1934 and located to the south of the old village close to the church, although these houses would be the last Stewarts and Lloyds built in this area. The remainder of the 785 houses were constructed on a large estate either side of the Rockingham Road (often seen as the divide between the Scottish and English workers) to the north-west of the plant.

The houses constructed by Stewarts and Lloyds and an additional 314 houses built by the First National Housing Trust, later purchased by Stewarts and Lloyds for a sum of £16, 956. were built to a standard design devised by the company’s architect. The first of these houses were built in a roughly triangular patch of land created by the railway to the east, Rockingham Road to the west and centred on the sweep of the newly laid out Stephenson Way.

The houses built by Stewarts and Lloyds would later form the Penn Green and Studfall Neighbourhoods and were supplemented by a workers club and sports ground built between 1937 and 1938 to the north of Occupation Road, an Odeon cinema, completed in March 1936, shops, schools and churches. Rockingham Road became the main street in Corby with Occupation Road leading westward as the main subsidiary.

HomeBuyers Report Corby
 HomeBuyers Survey Corby
Home Buyers Survey Corby

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It has been flagged by the council that wind farms with a capacity to produce over 1MW of power are present in the area of Corby. Whilst this won't be dangerous to your health, it is a factor to be aware of when thinking of living in Corby.

This is because: the turbines have a huge visual impact, particularly as wind farms are built on top of hills to capture the most wind. Additional concerns are that they can impact birds and bats, and they can also produce some noise, disturbing local residents.
According to the UK Government's Public Health England, some parts of Corby, are in a raised radon area, with properties built there having a higher probability than average of experiencing ground Radon emissions.

Northamptonshire, with its porous soil, has high levels of the gas emitted into the atmosphere and Corby's central area, in particular, has a maximum radon potential of greater than 30%, affecting streets such as Cupar Crescent and Cottingham Road.

If you are concerned that a property you are buying is in an area of raised Radon levels, please click to visit Public Health England's UK Radon Map. Click also to find out more about Radon, Radon property searches and much more.
Properties in the area may be subject to flood risks as Corby has a tributary of the River Nene called The Willow Brook in its vicinity. The Willow Brook rises north of Corby where, until 1980, water was extracted for use at Corby Steelworks. It then flows through or near Deene, Bulwick, Blatherwycke, King's Cliffe and Woodnewton and joins the Nene downstream from Fotheringhay.

Due to this, when rain falls, the surface runoff can move very quickly from hilly areas to low lying areas making these low-lying areas more prone to flooding. Additionally, human activities that degrade the environment such as deforestation often increase flooding. If you are concerned that a property you are looking to buy is in a flood risk area, you should consider getting a flood risk report.

Northamptonshire Northamptonshire is a county in the East Midlands region of England and its county town is Northampton. Additionally, large urban centres in the county include Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough. Among many historical sites in the county is Fotheringhay Castle, now in ruins, which was where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned prior to her execution.

The county contains one university, the University of Northampton and a number of further education colleges. It has many rugby union teams. It is the location of Althorp, the home and seat of the Spencer family and has a memorial to Princess Diana within its grounds. The Jurassic Way is a long-distance footpath in the county, very popular with ramblers.

Northampton is the county's main transport hub and the M1 is the county's one motorway. 

Homes England announced January 2019 that £70 million in development funds would be made available for building 8,500 homes in the county, principally in Kettering and Wellingborough.

Listed Building Survey Corby

We have local RICS Listed Building Surveyors who specialise in listed building surveys in Corby. To find out more go to - Listed Building Surveys - Building Surveyor and Survey Cost in Corby

Building Survey Corby Planning

You can review what planning applications have been granted or denied for properties in your area by contacting Corby Borough Council at The Corby Cube, George Street, Corby, Northants NN17 1QG, telephone 01536 464 000, or you can check the local authority website.

Read the following article if you are thinking about building an extension .

Local Building Survey Corby

Our Building Surveyors specialise in the local area and have completed house surveys in Oundle, Kettering, Peterborough, Leicester, Rugby, Northampton and Market Harborough.

We employ only expert RICS Building Surveyors to undertake Home Buyers Surveys in Corby. Whether you are buying an old run down 'doer upper' or standard construction freehold house, our RICS surveyors have seen them all.

With a vast number of years of experience completing building surveys on properties in Corby we'll be able to give you the detailed Corby HomeBuyers report that you will need to know and what defects there are with your property.

Home Buyers Survey Corby

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Home Buyers Survey Corby

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Home Buyers Survey Corby

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Ranging from 10 to 40 years all of our chartered RICS Surveyors are registered with and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and have indemnity insurance that covers all of the work they undertake in a Home Buyers Survey in Corby.

Home Buyers Survey - What does it cover?

A RICS Home Buyers Survey is a visual inspection of the grounds and the internal/external structure of the property and identifies defects such as cracks or damage to the structure of the property, subsidence, damp and infestations.

Some of these defects you may not even see or know what to look for which makes getting a Home Buyers Survey, whether a Building Survey (which used to be known as a Full Structural Survey) or a HomeBuyers Report, if you're thinking of buying a property in Corby, incredibly important.

NB If you're a first time buyer, you might wish to click on What is a House Survey to find out more, including what happens during the inspection.

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If the Home Buyers Survey shows up any such problems, our appointed surveyor will explain to you what you should do to get more in-depth information about the type and scope of the matter and what is required to fix it. 

If you are worried about any defects that you think your property in Corby has, we strongly recommend you get a Home Buyers Survey as the cost of remedying the problem might grow to many thousands of pounds as time progresses.

You can find a local RICS surveyor by using the search at the bottom RHS of this page.
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Do your surveyors operate with time limits?

Unfortunately some surveyors in the industry do put time limits on how long they will inspect the property regardless of whether they properly finish the inspection or not.

This isn’t a challenge we encounter as our surveyors operate by staying on site as long as the inspection requires before leaving or if it really cannot be completed in one day, revisiting the next to ensure a full inspection is completed prior to submitting a report to a client.