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Our Mortgage Broker Guide to getting a mortgage in Hinckley

The mortgage application process has 4 stages regardless of which mortgage lender you use:

    Approval/Decision in Principal (AIP/DIP)
    Mortgage in Principal (MIP)
    Mortgage Valuation
    Mortgage Offer

Read about the full mortgage process here - What is the mortgage process?

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Mortgage Broker Tip 2

Check addresses on old accounts

Old mobile phone contracts can be linked to old addresses and if they are listed as open, this can disrupt applications due to ID checks listing different addresses for you.

You can find this information out by checking your file. It's worth doing so because the impact of wrong addresses might derail an application for a mortgage, for example.

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage

Joint borrower sole proprietor mortgages are a way in which a person who doesn't have a sufficient income to service a mortgage on a property themselves is able to team up with another person, who does, to buy a property jointly and then the latter person doesn't appear on the title.

If you choose to take out this kind of mortgage, you are both well advised to draw up a robust deed of trust which protects both your interests in the event that circumstances become unfavourable, for example you can't yourself continue making your required mortgage repayments and have to sell up.

Click on Joint borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgages to find out more.

Hinckley is a market town in Leicestershire with a history going back to Anglo-Saxon times. It sits roughly midway between Leicester and Coventry. It was a large player in the hosiery industry in the 17th Century and this continued for centuries including for much of the 20th Century.

Places of interest, landmarks and attractions include: the site of the Battle of Bosworth, which famously settled the Wars of the Roses, Hinckley Museum, the 13th Century St Mary's Church, Hollycroft Park and the Ashby Canal.

Property Price Stats for Hinckley

Average property price in Hinckley£222,247
% Change compared to last year0%
Population of Hinckley45,249 (2011)

The property price data is sourced from  the Land Registry's UK House Price Index and you can view up to date property prices by clicking - Land Registry House Price Index >>Land Registry

Mortgage Broker Hinckley - Recently Completed

  • Indigo Drive, Hinckley LE10 2QJ
  • Troon Way, Burbage, Hinckley LE10 2GX
  • Deveron Way, Hinckley LE10 0XD
  • 11 Holt Close LE9 4GP
  • Union Mill Close, LE9 7ED

Local High Street Banks in Hinckley

Mortgage Broker in and around Hinckley

Our Hinckley mortgage broker can help you with your mortgage app;lication locally or in any of the surrounding areas including Nuneaton, Rugby, Coventry, Leicester, Tamworth, Loughborough and Kettering.

Which banks are local to you?

  • HSBC Bank - 10 Market Pl, Hinckley LE10 1NU
  • Lloyds Bank - 23 The Borough, Hinckley LE10 1NL
  • Halifax Bank - 14 Market Pl, Hinckley LE10 1NT

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Hinckley Mortgage Broker Insider Tips

Buying a home? Consider instructing a solicitor before anything else!

When you're looking to buy a home, it's a given that you'll be using a conveyancing solicitor (unless you're willing to risk a vast sum of money without the benefit of legal protection and expertise!).

Because the solicitor has to set up a file for you and you have to fill out forms and prove your ID/source of funds etc., the sooner you can do this, the more time you can save.

You do not have to have even picked out a property and made an offer at this stage! Ideally, you'll have applied for a mortgage and received a mortgage in principle, so you'll be in a position to look for houses within your budget range.

Matters like booking your mortgage valuation, booking a survey and getting searches can only occur once you've had an offer accepted, however instructing a solicitor is not dependent on this.

One advantage of this approach is that when it comes to putting in offers to vendors, telling them that you've already instructed your solicitor shows them that you're 'ready to go' and likely to be on the ball regarding the progress of any sale and a faster completion.

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